Online consultation forms

We may ask patients to provide us with additional information or photographs prior to an appointment. This gives our clinical team extra details about your condition which can help with your diagnosis and treatment.

Information and photographs will be securely transmitted and held on our hospital database ready for your consultation. They will only be accessed by specifically authorised members of staff.

You only need to complete a form if one of our team or your doctor has asked you to send a clinical photo.

Our online forms

How does it work?

This video will give you an idea of how your video consultation will work.


Below are some frequently asked questions from our patients.

Can I start a form and finish it later?

We would advise that you complete the form in one sitting. We do not store information on our website so are unable to offer the ability to save the form and finish it another time. If possible please take photos of your injury in advance and save them on the device you are using to complete the form.

I need to add photos. What guidelines do I need to follow?

Please add a minimum of two photos. One should be a close up photograph and one of the overall area.

  • Clearly expose the area: remove make-up, fake tan and ensure hair/clothes are not obscuring the picture
  • Ensure well lit: avoid shadows
  • If applicable mark the area
  • Do not take the images using a mirror where possible
  • Ideally make sure you have a clean background and a well lit room
  • Remove any clothing and jewellery from around the area
  • You should take a wide shot to show the location on the body, then any close-up shots to show the detail, you can take a photo with a ruler to help show the size
  • If possible, use the flash on your camera or cameraphone.
I am having problems with my form – who can I contact?

Please email with your name, contact details and a brief explanation of the problem and one of the team will come back to you.

We recommend when using Apple devices to use Safari 12.4 or later, for all other devices use Google Chrome 80 or later or Microsoft Edge 83 or later, for uploading photographs.

Are these forms secure?

Any information or photos you include are sent securely to our team and added to your medical records. No information is stored on our website

Why do I need to send photographs?

Clinical photographs are required to help doctors and other health professionals monitor and plan the treatment of various clinical conditions; and if the right consent is obtained, they can also be used for educational purposes and publication.

Can I come to the hospital instead of sending photos?

We have had to adapt the way we run our services, and as such, many of the consultations and appointments are being carried out over the telephone or by video in the first instance to limit the number of people coming into the hospital. However please contact the appointments team on 01342 414141 if you would like to discuss an alternative appointment.

What if I need to send images of a sensitive nature?

Please only send in photos of a sensitive area if they are necessary to your treatment. Unless you are taking a photo of your face please make sure that your face is not visible on the screen to help protect your anonymity.