Patient photos

If you have been asked to upload photographs, please fill in the form below and upload your images.  Please take a minimum of one close up photograph and one of the overall area and upload them all onto the form.  Clinicians need to be able to view clear, up-to-date photographs.

Photos must be sent via the form below – please do not email them to any staff or teams directly.

  • Where possible, please ask a relative/friend to take the photos for you to ensure that the images are clear and in focus.
  • Do not take the images using a mirror where possible.
  • Ideally make sure you have a clean background and a well lit room.
  • Remove any clothing from around the area.
  • You should take a wide shot to show the location on the body, then any close-up shots to show the detail, you can take a photo with a ruler to help show the size
  • If possible, use the flash on your camera or cameraphone.

The only access to these stored images is by specifically authorised hospital staff. Any questions related to the security of information should be addressed by the Data Protection Officer at All images will be stored in line with local and national policies.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please briefly detail any additional information that the clinician may need to know regarding the photos